Of course,things are not going to plan. Since when,since hubby died have things went to plan. HERVE PLEASE COME BACK TO LIFE. NO? Shit; I really must learn to do things on my own….A couple of friends put down on their diariers it was next weekend I was moving,so two less tomorrow. Never mind;things will get done(see I am being positive,at last) Big,Big worry is bloody marmeduke!!!!
i love you ,my ginger and white nutcase,but PLEASE,PLEASE,¨PRETTY PURLEASE DO NOT DO ONE OF YOUR FAMOUS DISAPPEARING ACTS TOMORROW BEFORE I PUT YOU IN YOUR CAGE!!!In the meantime have fun playing between cardboard boxes.


Well,to be honest there really isn’t much. Back home,back to work,packing boxes,whilst counting the days–only five more nights on night duty(hope next month I’m back on days or even being allowed some time off)Yesterday ,late afternoon,I went round to the new house and took oor wullie with me as the owner of my new place has a seven year old,male, brittany spaniel,and I was wondering how the two boys would get on together. Why,oh, why didn’t I take the camera?? They played in the garden for about an hour like a couple of puppies. Oof. Now hopefully his cat and 4 cat gang will get on well together. no doubt it will take three or four days,but ,hey, the garden is big,so each will find there place. Next week oor wullie and 4 cat gang are going on holiday for a few days whilst I move.At last…

B****y CAt

As some of you know, I”ve had one very,very short trip to NZ: Oor wullie was put into the kennels but a friend came to look after 4 cat gang::Big mistake. When she came to feed them this morning,no sign of Maremeduke.I came home,just over one hour ago,feeling a tad depressed on hearing this news,and lo and b****y behold,when I opened the dor to the living area what or rather WHO was sitting on the dining table?? B****y Marmeduke. Now,me being me and not havinf Jeeza Clarkson’s wit will now proceed to destroy the said cat. Have a nice weekend ,all

Stressed out animals

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As you can see,Oor wullie and 4 cat gang are highly stressed whilst I pack boxes.. 😆

New House

At last I have found a quant ground floor flat which comes with a nice little garden which is shared by the owner who lives upove.Its in Brignon which is the village on the other side of the one I lived in for over twenty years.Its on a very quiet lane–very little traffic,and the back of the garden backs on the vineyards,so cats can be out as much as they want and as the garden is securly fenced and gated off ,oor wullie can be out in the garden without being tied up,as well,without going walk a bouts on his own(oof)
The owner is busy fitting in a lovely wood stove which will heat the place up really well. It has one really big main room,with open plan kitchen at one end,study(or small bedroom)one huge bedroom(very bright with two big windows)one nice sized bathroom/wc. plus a wide hallway where I can put in a couple of chest of draweres and an armchair. Its going to be hell of course trying to get things packed and ready to go as I’m on night shifts,but,at last I found something I really like and at a good price. So is my luck changing??? I really hope so:::


HELP…. Got my planning for august and guess what???? ON b****y night shift again. Big boss was very pleased how I handled quite a few hitches so she said she has full confidence in me to handle nights again(me + cleaner for 90 residents): S**t. I would prefer her to have little or no confidence in me and let me do the daytime 12H shift instead of nights. But,at the same time its work and work brings home a little euros towards NZ..SO

if anyone can give me tips on how to sleep during the day PURRLEASE tell me


Amilcar,model 1922 7cv beautiful !!!need I say more??